Speed Lock Nissan

SHM Shigeru Speed ??Lock is an automatic car door lock technology that works based on the speed of the car. SHM Shigeru Speed ??lock is installed by utilizing OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) sockets in the car. SHM Shigeru Speed ??lock works with computerized and active system when the car speed reaches above 20 km / hour. Similar to other SHM Shigeru products, SHM Shigeru speed lock is also protected by one year warranty. SHSM Shigeru Speed ??Lock installation is very easy and can be done by the user of the vehicle itself.

SHM Shigeru Speed ??lock is one that people need because it improves the security of passenger cars. Considering a car driver, with a central lock system that has not been automated previously, is often forgotten to lock the car. Locking the door while driving is certainly necessary to secure passengers of children and valuables from criminal acts on the way. SHM Shigeru Speed ??lock can be used for Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki cars that do not have speed lock feature yet.


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