SHM 2.0 Generation

Auto Folding Mirror Version 2.0 or The Second Generation of Auto Retract Side Mirror.

Many people are wondering when the automatic folding mirror version 2.0 was launched, as it was in version 1.0 or first generation. Many buyers ar having trouble when they want to install in their favourite accessories repair shop.

Why is that, because in the first generation, there are more than 8 cables we need to connect properly so it will be able to run well. Not only that, the possibility of errors in connecting cables becomes so high even could affect other electrical components if your technician is not from SHM.

From the slide you can scroll to the image to see the detail of the picture and stop the slideshow. Automatic Folding Mirror version 2.0 (gen 2) is already to be ordered

If you need more information, you could ask question through:

email : or 0853 4262 5380 (sms/Whatsapp)
-> pin 51281FD6.


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