Frequent Ask Question (Question and Answer about SHM Shigeru)

About Product

What is Retract Kit?
o   The device for electrically folding and opening the car’s mirror, a feature that is usually only owned by luxury cars or the highest type, the mirrors will be folded simply by pressing the button to make it more practical and look sophisticated.

What are Shigeru Retract Kit devices?

o  Motor retract set (as OEM standard)

o  Cable set (automotive special cable and no need for cable cuts)

o  Button/Switch original model of Toyota dan Daihatsu (specially for Toyota dan Daihatsu)

What is SHM Shigeru Advanced Module Kit?

o  Enhancements for cars that already have retractable mirror features. Retract can work automatically without having to press the switch / retract button. By using SHM Shigeru Advanced Module SHM, the mirrors will be folded / closed automatically when the door is locked with a remote alarm and opens automatically when the car’s engine starts up. You will avoid forgetting to fold the rearview mirror when parking. Rearview mirrors can also be an indication that the car is locked (because it is integrated with central lock).

What are SHM Shigeru Kit Modules?

o  Cable set and 1 year warranty module

What kind of car that can use SHM Shigeru Retract Kit installation?

o  Retract Kit SHM Shigeru can be applied at Toyota and Daihatsu (Fortuner under 2009, Innova, Rush Terios under 2015, Avanza VVTi, New Avanza, New Xenia, Agya, Ayla) which already have electric mirror facility, we are preparing for the brand of Honda (Mobilio), Nissan (All New Livina), and Suzuki (Ertiga, New Swift)

What kind of car that can use Module installation?

o  All cars having Retractable Mirror that can use SHM Shigeru Module installation

What kind of the advantages of SHM from competitors?

o  SHM Shigeru is a brand of retractable aftermarket products with quality as OEM standards. SHM has been circulating in the market for approximately 7 years and is widely known as a good quality retract that does not disappoint people.

o   We have a solid plastic material Nylon Fiber GF30 so it has better quality than competitors who use ABS plastic materials. Material Nylon Fiber GF30 make SHM Shigeru become more resistant impact / collision.

o   We provide 1th warranty for all SHM Shigeru product parts different from competitors who are not guaranteed.

o   SHM Sigeru is not easily damaged and broken if flexed manually by hand or bumped by motorcycle. Simply press the retract button to restore the mirror to its original position.

o   SHM Shigeru installation is a plug socket system (plug and play), it is not required to cut the cable, damaging the holder in the rear view mirror or punching the original car dashboard.

o   Spare parts ready. We provide spare parts if required parts that are damaged beyond the warranty period.

Will SHM Shigeru retract gear be broken if bended manually by hand?

o  SHM Shigeru retract gear is safe if bend by hand or light clash that causes the mirror bended.

Where is SHM Shigeru retract module placed?

o  SHM Shigeru Advanced Module is placed hidden close to the retract button because SHM Shigeru Advanced Module connects the socket to the retract switch socket with the car’s built-in socket. SHM Shigeru Advanced Module will not interfere with the view or function of other devices.

About Installation

How long does SHM Shigeru installation process?

o   The process for installing of SHM Shigeru Advanced Modules takes an average of 45 minutes and for the installation of SHM Shigeru Retract Kit around 120 minutes. Installation time could be faster if the installation is done by more than one technicians.

Does the plug process require cutting cables or modifications (drill, glue, cut) razor and dashboard?

o   No, our product has been designed in accordance with the factory default (OEM) so it is already plug and play where the process only requires removing the couplers and reassembling it. We open the socket and re-install it to avoid cutting the cable. The jumper process is done when the Advenced Module is installed because there are 2 (two) cables that need to be connected.

Where is Shigeru SHM installation location?

o   For the installation could be done at several places in our Authorized Dealer located in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bandung, Tegal, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Malang, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Pekanbaru.

Is there any installation service on door to door?

o   We provide door to door exclusively for JaDeBoTaBek dan Surabaya area with additional cost. Thus the customer will be more comfortable because it does not need to waste time to get traffic jam, looking for our address.

About Warranty

What are the guarantees?

o   All parts (Motor, Switch, Module) are warranted except those caused by external factors (accident, rat interruptions, installation errors by parties other than our technician)

How long is the warranty period?

o  We guarantee the product works optimal for one year. If found the obstacle when usage, our warranty is not to make repairs but directly do the replacement of parts that have constraints.

About Price

Is SHM Shigeru price negotiable?

o   The price we give is best price for SHM Shigeru unit that has many advantages compared to other brands.

Is there a special price for reseller?

o   Please contact Authorized Distributor (PT Aditia Adiyasa Anugrah) for the terms of becoming a reseller to know the special price of purchase in large quantities.

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