The Excess of Second Generation Automatic Folding Side Mirror

Second Generation Automatic Rear View Mirror of SHM version 2

At the end of 2013, Automatic Side Mirror launched second-generation SHM products. Like we install the application on the Android phone or I-phone or windows phone, there will always be updates and better version and improvement from the previous versions.

What kind of reparation from the second generation for Automatic Side Mirror products with SHM brand.

 First Generation:

  1. Must sort the cable.
  2. Need an experienced technician.
  3. Vulnerable occur zipper
  4. Using universal switch.
  5. Cable is not Plug and
  6. No plug and
  7. Have to peel cable.
  8. Installation is more difficult.
  9. Warranty module is only 2 weeks [/box]
 Second Generation:

  1. No need to sort the cable.
  2. Almost any technician can do it.
  3. Safe from the zipper.
  4. Using Original switch.
  5. Durable – plug and
  6. Plug and
  7. No need to peel cable.
  8. Easy installation.
  9. 3 months module warranty.[/box]

Unlike the first generation, the second generation product can already be applied in Toyota Agya dan Daihatsu Ayla. Supported with the good after service and quality products and has been sold to foreign countries. We are from the Automatic Side Mirror team would like to thank all customers who have purchased our products.

For those of new and old car owners who want to add special feature in your car and also very useful to drive in the capital city and other major cities that are often filled by motorcycles, narrow roads, the narrow parking lot. This product is suitable for your personal dynamic and trendy.


Purchase soon, the second generation of SHM Automatic Side Mirror

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