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The Advantages of Retract Mirror Installation in Car

The Advantages of Retract Mirror Installation in Car The Advantages of Retract Mirror Installation in Car : The side mirror will safe when parking in the roadside Easily folding the side mirror as it pass through the narrow street The car security is more safe The car will look more luxury   Safe Car, Durable Side Mirror, Luxurious...

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The Excess of Second Generation Automatic Folding Side Mirror

Second Generation Automatic Rear View Mirror of SHM version 2 At the end of 2013, Automatic Side Mirror launched second-generation SHM products. Like we install the application on the Android phone or I-phone or windows phone, there will always be updates and better version and improvement from the previous versions. What kind of reparation from the second generation for Automatic Side Mirror products with SHM brand.  First Generation: Must sort the cable. Need an experienced technician. Vulnerable occur zipper Using universal switch. Cable is not Plug and No plug and Have to peel...

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Liputan Tabloid Otomotif dan Majalah Car Review

Liputan Tabloid Otomotif dan Majalah Car Review Spion lipat otomatis liputan tabloid otomotif tentang cara pasang AutoRetract side mirror di Toyota Agya maupun Daihatsu Ayla Panduan tips singkat untuk memasang spion lipat otomatis atau biasa yang kita kenal dengan autoretract side mirror/folding mirror. Dapat anda lihat dari image dibawah ini. Kebetulan produk kami telah di akui oleh salah satu majalah ternama dan kami memberikan tips sederhana sebagai gambaran langkah-langkah pemasangan produk apabila anda ingin memasangnya di bengkel langganan anda. Untuk Tips...

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The Benefit of Auto Rear View Mirror and Auto retract

The benefit of Auto Rear View Mirror and auto retract Car rearviews are very useful thing to avoid us from accidents. A good rear view mirror is a mirror that can give you a wide view for good left and right viewing distance. Car rearviews are not only useful when we want to move the left or right path. Car mirrors also work when we want to turn left or right. Besides the car’s mirror is a complement of the overall form of the car itself. Imagine if the car without a rearview mirror, other than something odd, certainly dangerous.Now there is more sophisticated technology, to set the...

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